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Beginner’s introduction to chess

Do you need beginner’s introduction to chess? There are a lot of things to be learnt when it comes to chess. So make sure you are familiar with the different ways and processes by which you are expected to learn to play chess and have a decent chess set. It always makes a lot of sense to find out how you can play [...]

Tips for learning chess

When it comes to playing chess you need to know all the basic tips and tricks which are extremely important to the overall process of playing the game. You need to find out different ways in which you can ensure that the game is being played absolutely the right way. First of all, take a look at a whole range of details. The more you understand what is needed it gets easier [...]


Today, chess has come a long way. You can not only play it with your friends, you can also play it on the computer. Chess software nowadays is very well developed, indeed, times have really changed!
There is human vs. computer chess – in 1996, chess Grandmaster Gary Kasparov played s six-game match against IBM Chess Software which was nicknamed Deep Blue. He said [...]

Capturing particular force in an army

Extinction Chess is a chess variant with unusual goal stated particularly for it. Here all the pieces are treated as same. No piece has any special characteristic. It follows the standard rules with the exception in the goal of the player. The goal is not to checkmate the opponent’s king but to capture any one kind of his pieces totally. The following may be the possible winning conditions.

• Capture opponent’s king.
• Capture opponent’s queen.
• Capture both [...]

Why is chess so mentally hard?

Chess as a game has been around for millennia already but many people still find it difficult to grasp and master. While it is a notoriously difficult game to play, its innate source of interesting features has kept this game from disappearing throughout history. Even GM Gary Kasparov admitted that “chess is mental torture”.

Chess is a game requires a special set mental skills. Although mentally gifted individuals can benefit a little from their gifts when trying to master [...]

Solid Rosewood Combination Chess Set 12 inch

Rosewood is one of the best wood materials for making chess pieces. Just like ebony, rosewood is a highly valuable material due to its scarcity. It is strong and heavy and an ideal material in making the black pieces of chess pieces. The craftsmen in ChessBaron exploited the rich combinations of hues in rosewood to come up with perfect white pieces. The Solid Rosewood Combination Chess Set 12 inch is an excellent testament to rosewood’s quality. This set comes with a foldable board [...]

M3009 American Staunton in Dark Green-White Gloss Chess Set

This set is a welcome deviation from the conventional color of chess sets. It comes in pure glossy black and white finish. It is a tough looking set that can be brought anywhere. Although not designed for portability, this set can be shown to friends anytime to showcase your taste. With a reasonable price tag, the American Staunton in Dark Green-White Gloss Chess Set not only features unique colors but obviously art as well. The pieces are also well-furnished with decorations to give this [...]

ST2018 Elizabethan Chess Set

There are lots of Elizabethan chess sets out there in the big wide world, but this one seems extremely nice in the category of quality. The price proves my theory too. But not like it’s extremely expensive. It’s worth the quality you get for these little things. It’s made from crushed marble, and the king it 5 inches tall, which is pretty tall and hefty compared to other sets. If I could pick out my favorite piece, [...]

ST2017 American Civil War Chess Set

This is a Civil War chess set from Chess Baron. Nothing too ‘out there’ with this set, but it’s still nice. No eye candy in the pieces, but they do look very well made. especially the knight, who looks like someone spent alot of time and effort on. The price is extremely high though. You could get a set even better than this one on Chess Baron for half as much. But hey, that’s just my own opinion. You may [...]

TH2066 Hand Painted Winnie the Pooh Chess

Awww, another Winnie the Pooh set from ChessBaron. I love this set because of the fact that not only do I love the show, but it brings back old memories long forgotten of my child hood. Kind of brings you back to the wonderful world of being a kid again. And I especially love the chess board that is included with this set. All themed up with Winnie the Pooh characters, specially coloured squares, and a story that reads “Pooh had forgotten how to play chess and the more he thought about [...]

TH2065 Winnie the Pooh Chess Pieces

Now, this is a set of chess pieces I might actually want. Winnie the Pooh use to be my favorite show when I was a kid. That’s practically all I ever watched. I didn’t think anyone still remembered that show enough to make something after it. Awww piglet, you’re so cute. You too Winnie. And get glad Eor. It’s all okay. As for the quality - all the pieces look really nicely carved, with some pretty good quality material used like all of the ChessBaron range of chess [...]

TH2064 Peter Rabbit Hand Painted Chess Pieces With Board and Case

Awww, how cute. I love these little figures. I almost forgot I’m looking at a chess set. Little cute foxies reading books, and duckys dressed up like my grandma. And some other animal in a little bonnet. I can keep on describing each piece for you but I’m pretty sure you can see for yourself. But they are just so cute, and I’m not sure why. Wait - guys arn’t suppose to think things are cute. woops. Hope none of my homies stumble upon this article. I must change [...]

TH2063 Peter Rabbit Chess Set With Board and Case

Ya know - I hate when I come across a set that just has nothing interesting to write about it. But that thought didn’t even come close to going though my head when I first saw this set. So much to say about this set! It makes no sense unless it’s based off of some Disney movie I’ve never heard of. Rabbits, squirrels, possums - just where to begin? And why are the possum thingys reading books? and squirrels trading nuts? Rabbits wearing jackets? Ohhhhhhh, I just don’t [...]

TH2062 SAC Battle of Trafalgar Hand Painted Chess Set

This set kind of resembles some other sets Chessbaron offers on their site. It’s based on the old English army during the time of the civil war. Plus it’s hand painted. Which I don’t know who cares. A machine can paint just as well, and you don’t have to pay those things, but whatever floats your boat. Pretty accurate interpretation of the good ole days though. I love the detail that looks like was put into this. It really looks like a nice collectors set if your into [...]

SAC Decorative Chess Sets Chess Computers Chess Boards Chess Pieces

Gods of mythology chess set

A fantastic chess set in a decorative range - the Gods of Mythology set of chess pieces has stolen the focus for potential chess buyers. The above picture shows why. The excellent photography shows a certain appeal to the males, but the chap is pretty good looking too - right? All in all, a [...]

Chess Sets from Decorative Chess Leaders SAC

Leaders in decorative chess sets - SAC have completely overhauled their web site and their businesss! They now stock more than just their superb theme chess range and stock staunton chess, travel chess and even chess computers. SAC is the brand that is more recognised in the world than any other decorative [...]

Chess Software

chess software

Our favourite chess store has now started stocking the whole range of chess software titles. With Fritz 11 now available and being the main chess software item in demand in the chess community, the whole [...]

Are you Linked In?

In Web 2.0 networking - the site Linked-in is a useful SEO resource for outgoing links without the nofollow tag being used and for keeping [...]

Electronic Chess at its Finest

The Novag Star Rub is a superb example of electronic chess. Whilst the Excalibur NY22 has beaten most of it’s rivals into a cocked hat with functionality, the Ruby still wins through with it’s slimline shape and it’s well thought out graphics. The model is one of [...]

Chess Store Product Feed

This store feed for chess computers, electronic chess from a UK chess retailer is an example of the power of RSS feeds from search engine optimisation companies such as TurnerDow.com in an increasingly competitive online space. As consumers become more and more savvy with respect to purchasing online, taking advantage of alternative, free means of [...]

Chess Sets in the USA

chess sets
A truly amazing chess sets store in the US is called ChessBaron USA, one of the family of stores owned by Baron Turner and Jonathan Stefanczyk. They have over 300 different kinds of chess sets with traditional, themes and unusual categories. We’ve never seen such great designs with [...]

Artificial Intelligence in Chess Computing

As seen in pages such as this one on chess computer intelligence, the science of chess computing is alive and kicking at Cambridge University. Chess sets have the social edge but chess computers have the scientific community more engaged. The number of departments in universities across the world engaged in using chess for the furtherance and testing of computing power and computing technology is [...]

New Electronic Chess Industry Blog

Growingly in chess circles, Electronic chess as an industry is a critical part of chess retailing, and a new blog at www.chess-computers.co.uk does a great job of showing how it works - especially in the UK. There’s a post on who dominates chess computer sales in the [...]

The New Excalibur Handheld - a boon to Chess Retailers

Wow! As Excalibur were unresponsive to our demands for more stock of the 404-D talking touch chess computer - what a result - a new chess computer that beats it’s [...]

Alert of Chess Computer and Chess Clock New Blogs


Hey - at last - two blogs dedicated to Chess Computers and chess clocks - the site chesscomputer.co.uk and chessclock.co.uk. In retail terms - for any chess retail site, chess computers have become a major factor in sales - [...]

The History of Chess

Chess is said to be one of the oldest games of skill known to man. Some historians claim that the history and origin of chess can be traced down to as early as the 2nd century, and its country of origin to be China. In China, at that time [...]

Lighten Up - Chess is Fun

chess for kids      chess for schools

Two sites that promote c [...]

Chess Puzzles

Chess puzzles are becoming more and more popular among chess players and starters for enhancing their chess playing skills.
This site has a detailed page on Chess Puzzles which will surely enhance your chess playing abilities.

There are 3 variations of chess puzzles today.

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